Digital Hospital was founded by Moïse Gerson, previous CIO of hospitals, recruited for his long experience in aviation.
Aviation is indeed a relevant model for health, allowing a new look and the application of referential.
The digitization of the health sector is inevitable and represents major issues.
As many fears as there are opportunities to cope with the changes.
The challenge is human before being technical.
The patient becomes the actor of recovery and the institution has to face new legal and technical obligations.
Empowerment, therapeutic education and participatory health are our goals for the patient, as is the need for process optimization for caregivers to focus more on care.
Patients need to understand and learn while maintaining contact with loved ones, passions and habits, even during hospitalization.
The use of digital technology makes it possible to streamline exchanges between healthcare staff, with a view to improving responsiveness and the quality of care offered.
We must also adapt our tools to new practices, such as reducing the length of hospital stays and post-hospital follow-up, …