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Simplifying health records admin for healthcare institutions

EHL Advisory Services

Disruptive innovation in the patient’s environment

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Patient Engagement

CareServant offers an innovative patient portal focused on Apple devices (iPads, Apple TV) that combines entertainment, information, communication and integration into administrative and clinical processes – fully automated, so there is less burden on hospital staff. Clinics can achieve 2 important goals: Speed up Digital Transformation with all its economic and clinical benefits, and increase Patient Experience


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We handle your health records admin so that your medical professionals can focus on patients..

better Patient experience We make sure medical professionals have access to the right information in time, to provide the best, hassle-free care. more time, less cost MySanda allows you to save time by optimising staff time use and avoiding switching tasks frequently. There is no need to integrate new software or systems, so your work can flow uninterrupted. Privacy and confidentiality Privacy is in our bones. All your data and your patients’ data is handled and stored securely and confidentially, in line with medical and legal guidelines..

EHL Advisory Services, the subsidiary of the Lausanne Hotel School

has carried out consulting assignments for companies active in health – Affidea, Cleveland Clinic of Abu Dhabi, Swiss university hospitals, groups of private clinics in Switzerland and France. These mandates have focused on improving the customer experience – in the room, catering and other services, as well as in training staff and management to raise awareness of the commercial side of the customer value chain. The client being here as well the patient, the visitor, the medical staff, as the staff of supervision. LHC also works with management teams, in order to develop an adequate environment and effective and up-to-date procedures, with team members, in order to lead them towards a willingness and ability to deliver excellence. in the service to others; customer, colleague, entourage. LHC has access to the experts of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, professional instructors – such as holders of a Federal Master of Cooking, Best Workers of France and Great Britain and members of the Faculty, to bring to the industry of welcoming pragmatic, achievable, but also visionary and innovative advice.